Saturday, March 30, 2013


I swear, I'll be 85 yrs old one day & still not feel like a "grown-up". Anyone else struggle with that? Sometimes it can be a good thing- like when I jump on the trampoline with Morgan or share a zerbert (think Cosby show) with SJ. Then there are times when it leaves me feeling completely inadequate.

Would you believe that in 1988 I committed my heart & life to Christ- & this is the first Easter of my life that the magnitude of His sacrifice clicked for me? Sitting on a couch reading from a children's Bible, no less.

Reading the story of the crucifixion to Morgan, I suddenly felt a lump form in my throat... Followed by hot tears & the inability to continue. Bless her, she just stared at me. For a brief moment I wanted to step away & collect myself. Instead, I looked her in the eyes & said, "Morgy- this part of the story makes me so sad. It hurts my heart. And it hurt God's heart, too."

Friday morning something about this holiday changed for me. I still like bunnies & Easter eggs. I still enjoy getting together with family for a wonderful meal. But I will choose to maintain a focus on the only reason Easter is truly worth celebrating. I want to feel the deep hurt of Friday, the anticipation of Saturday, and the joy & victory of Sunday!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Drinking Green?

Two years ago I was expecting our second child and at a weight that I'd never imagined seeing on our bathroom scale. Despite my doctor's assurance that my weight gain was normal, I felt panicked. I just knew my figure was beyond repair.

After having SJ I used Advocare's Herbal Cleanse & took up walking the neighborhood with friends in an attempt to undo months worth of Porky's fried biscuits and sweet tea. It was a good start but soon I found that Advocare, though a wonderful product, was not in our long-term budget. And, as often happens, my friends schedules changed with the seasons and we were no longer able to walk together. Well, now what?

A few weeks ago I opened our pantry to find 3 different containers of doughnuts staring me in the face- surrounded by boxed pastas and 2 bags of confectioners sugar. Yep, TWO bags. I knew then it was time to make a change.
I don't know about you but, for me, change that is dramatic always has a shelf life. It never sticks. So I've decided to make small- but signifigant changes-
1)Wake up earlier. Get a few crunches and leg lifts in, have a cup of hot herbal tea or a smoothie, and get my daily quiet time in. Currently, I'm enjoying the devotional Jesus Calling.
2) Drink water. Whenever the desire for an ice cold Dr. Pepper rises, squash it. I'll be glad I did.
3) Journal about the process. Allow myself the opportunity to randomly look back and see how far I've come. This morning I made my first "green" smoothie- and it was lovely. I mean it.

(Iknow it looks just awful- but trust me, it was delicious!) To make this green smoothie, I used: 1/2 frozen banana, one handful of frozen strawberries, 1/4 cup of almonds, orange juice, and a handful of spinach leaves.

What is your favorite green smoothie recipe? I'd love to hear!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Happy Saturday & Welcome!

Happy Saturday friends! I'm so glad you've checked in today & I hope you'll do so often throughout this journey!

Why blog? Simple. I enjoy the community that blogging provides. I have good friends, warm family, & a host of activities that I love- but blogging is a unique way to reach out, encourage, & be encouraged...and I look forward to that.

My hope for this little space on the inter-web is that it will be a place where I share the joys (& the trials) of life. My prayer for this space is that it will be a blessing to those who read it.

Here are a few recent photos of our family- Spring has officially arrived in TX &, aside from the overload of pollen, we're loving it!