Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I'm here! I'm here!! I promise...

It's been a minute since I've posted- not that anyone is/should be surprised. I'd like to think that it's bc I have to post from my iPhone (annoying), but most likely it's due to general laziness and non-creativity. Meh.

Here's a little of our life lately...

a) We just sold our home- Ahhh! So scared. So excited. So... homeless? No. My parents are graciously providing a roof for our heads until we settle into our new home- which we've found- and kinda love.

b) We just spent a wonderful weekend with my brother and sister-in-law where Morgan fulfilled her 2013 summer bucket list wish to swim in brown seaweed laden salt water off the cost of Galveston :). We had a great time at the beach bc SHE had a great time at the beach- I can still hear her squeals of delight ;)! Honestly, it was just a great time of fellowship with a brother I couldn't live without & a SIL I completely adore!

c)Nothing. It' summer- we're pretty much bumming around.

Hope yall are having a wonderful summer!!