Wednesday, April 3, 2013

And what of the "little" prayers?

I can still remember the day a team of neurologists at TCH sat Shaun & me down to share with us that an old bleed had been discovered on Morgan's brain. Brain bleeds are common in premature birth &, given that Morgan was born 3 mths premature, we were surprised when our previous team in Savannah discovered no bleeds.

But now our new team in Houston had found one. It was small- but packed a big punch. Cerebral Palsy. Worse yet, there was no way to know what level of impact it would have. I distinctly remember our neurologist saying, " could be as simple as a mild learning disability or limp- or as significant as a vegetative state. Only time will tell." At that time Morgan was battling for her life, sometimes opening her eyes to a familiar voice, but little else.

Fast forward a few years and it was plain to see that, while fine & gross motor skills were a challenge for her, Morgan met each challenge with determination & spunk. ☺
Each milestone a mountain she would climb and claim victory to. From birth my favorite book (hers too) to read with her was "Ruby In Her Own Time"- the story of a late bloomer who ended up defying the odds.

One "mountain" we faced was the simple joy of swinging. As a child I loved to swing- for hours. It was clear early on that Morgan found joy in the tummy butterflies & wind in her hair as well.😊 I loved to watch her close her little eyes & smile as I pushed her swing. Such a pure joy.

Swinging independently proved difficult, though. I watched her little friends hop effortlessly onto swings alongside her & almost without thought, swing themselves high into the sky as she watched from below. Of course I would have pushed her any day- but she wanted to be like those friends- swinging on her own.

Morgan was nearly five when I began to pray that God would give her the ability to swing. Sounds a little silly, I guess- but it was important to her & to me. We practiced often- me coaching her to lean back then forward... her focusing all her energy into something most don't give a second thought to. And you know what? God honored those prayers AND that hard work. One day it just clicked. One minute she was struggling & the next she was soaring.😊

The God who delivered His people from captivity. The God who made the lame walk & the blind see. He's the same God who listened to a Mama's prayer for her little girl to master the swing. And don't you know, it's her favorite activity! She runs to that swing EVERYtime her feet hit the grass. She swings so high it loosens the bolts in her swing set & Shaun has to tighten them often. 😉

My point? Nothing is of insignificance before His throne. He loves us & He loves when we trust him with our details. What have you been aching to give over to Him lately?


  1. Such a sweet post! I came over here from Instagram and "followed" you =) Love reading about the swinging miracle. He truly does care about the little things and listens to a mommy's prayers.

    Happy to keep reading!


  2. I randomly found your blog today because you commented on Kelle's blog (ETST)and I appreciate what you said!
    I look forward to reading your blog and was delighted its so new, I will add it to my dashboard for when you post/update again!
    Best wishes!

    1. Thank you for the encouragement Heather! Glad to have you :).